Dr Gavin believes, first and foremost, in patient education. He believes that the better you understand your condition and treatment plan, the greater your chance for success. He prefers to make decisions with his patients, not for them. Accessibility is another pillar of his practice style; He believes in being available for questions. If you forget to ask something while you're in, call with your question. Dr Gavin returns all calls personally when he is not with patients.
He believes in healing with the least invasive approach when possible and surgery only when absolutely necessary. He believes in constantly furthering his education through extensive reading and participation in continuing medical education seminars, and holds two teaching positions in surgical residency programs. At the Foot and Ankle Institute, Dr Gavin believes in providing the best care possible using the most up to date diagnostic technology and surgical techniques.
Dr. Gavin runs a broad-spectrum practice caring for all manner of foot conditions for the whole family from young children through athletic / sports injuries as well as foot care for the elderly. The Foot and Ankle Institute offers comprehensive Medical and surgical treatment for all types of foot conditions.
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