Fitting for Custom Arch Supports:

Many Foot and Ankle injuries and disorders are successfully treated with Orthotics, or custom molded arch supports. The process for making arch supports begins with the diagnosis of your condition, through physical examination, xrays, diagnostic ultrasound, MRI, or gait analysis. Gait Analysis is performed by Dr Gavin in some cases, usually when there is a specific type of condition such as limb length inequality, in-toe gait, out-toe gait, severe flatfoot deformity, muscular imbalance/weakness and a number of other conditions.

Creating custom molded orthotics begins with an evaluation of your range of motion, and other measurements in what is known as a biomechanical examination. It is performed the same day that an impression of your feet is made to create your orthotics. Dr Gavin personally performs this important step in prescribing orthotics on all of his patients. Once the impression is taken, a prescription is written detailing all aspects of your orthotics: Size, materials, thickness, arch height, angulation of rearfoot to ground, angulation of forefoot to ground as well as any special padding or accommodative “pockets” that are designed to offload painful areas. The impression is then shipped to the Orthotic Laboratory, where a team of skilled technicians fabricate your custom devices in a multi-step process. The devices are then shipped back to Dr Gavin, who prefers to fit all of his patients personally with their new orthotics. The Lab Dr Gavin uses gives a lifetime guarantee on all orthotics against defects in workmanship or breakage. If your orthotics do not fit properly, for any reason, Dr Gavin will return them to the laboratory for adjustment, free of charge.

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